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An idea for a better marketing plan

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As 2015 dawns, here’s an idea for a better marketing plan…

As 2015 dawns, you are probably planning your marketing activities for the new year. 2014 has been tough for many companies, so what can you do to ensure your 2015 marketing plans are more effective?

Reflect for a moment about what you really know of your customers’ 2015 business strategies:

  • Do you actually know what they want and expect from you in 2015?
  • What new projects, products or services are they planning?
  • What problems are they anticipating?
  • Are there new trends or regulatory changes in their market?
  • How will technology change the way they select suppliers and do business?

A basis for effective marketing is good research. So when formulating your 2015 plan, you should be able to answer key questions that underpin that plan.

One thing is for sure, if you are guessing key metrics or think you know them, you are probably way off the mark.

Perhaps you should just ask your customers for the answers, or at least to validate your current thinking.

An Online Survey is an excellent way to gather structured information about customer need for 2015, so that you can best position your products, services, messages and developments to align with their needs.

It’s easy to run an Online Survey, and you could build a home-brew survey on your website. But why go through that pain when Simmarcom’s Online Survey application provides an easy and quick solution? Especially as there is a 2015 research template that you can adapt to your own needs? See the 2015 research template by taking a demonstration survey.

A 2015 marketing plan based on structured research will be better than one based on guesses.