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This policy encompasses the web sites and services listed in our Privacy Policy.

Where there are specific clauses for a particular site, those clauses are highlighted in this policy.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small file, typically comprising letters and numbers, downloaded and stored on your device (e.g. computer, tablet of smartphone), usually within the browser, when you access websites. Cookies are widely used for various functions like managing your interaction with a site, or enhancing you web site experience. Most websites use cookies, and we want to inform you of how cookies are used on our various sites.

Some cookies are “temporary” which means they expire when you close your browser. Some cookies are “permanent” which do expire but over a longer time period. We use both types of cookie.

Cookies we us on our sites

Our sites use cookies to:

  • Manage your interactions with the site, and for some sites the use of these cookies are essential for a site’s proper operation. For example, cookies are used to track the items in your basket as you browse around our shop.
  • Measure the visitor traffic to our site, and to monitor and improve site performance. We use a commonly-used service called Google Analytics which uses cookies to help measure site traffic and interaction. These cookies do not pass personal informaion and we anonymize the IP address (i.e. your location on the Internet) before data is sent to Google. Google may record your device type (tablet, laptop etc) and your browser make and version. Full information on their cookies can be found here.
  • Record your consent to our use of cookies. When you first visit our site, we display a consent bar where you can review our privacy terms and consent to cookies. When you consent, our site places a cookie to hide that consent bar from view and to record that you have consented.

All of these cookies are non-essential and you can safely delete them. They do not store personal information about you.

Other cookies that may be placed

Other services linked to our sites may place their own cookies:

  • Social media: If you click on a social media button (for example if you want to like, share a blog post or a page), the social media service places additional cookies in your browser to facilitate sharing on their service whilst you remain on our site.
  • Most of our advertisements shown on our sites do not use cookies. We may from time to time display 3rd party advertisements which do use cookies, for example to hide adverts at your request or to track your interest.

All of these cookies are non-essential and you can safely delete them. This might mean to have to login again to a social media service if you want to like or share a page or post.

External websites

When you click on a link to navigate away from our site, we cannot control how the other site works or what cookies it uses. You should check their policies before interacting.

Deleting cookies

You may delete cookies in your browser software at any time. You may also change the configuration settings in your browser to decline cookies in the future (please refer to the website of your browser manufacturer for instructions).

Please be aware that some functions of our sites cannot properly operate without cookies.

Cookies consent

Your consent is requested when you first visit our site. If you wish not to consent, then do not use this site.

Independent information on cookies

There are many comprehensive internet sources of information about cookies, such as the UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office web page.

Changes to this policy

To improve performance and usability, control essential use or to improve your experience when using our websites and to accommodate technical developments in commonly-used Internet systems, the types of cookies used might change in the future, with such changes reflected in this policy.

Updated 31/03/2014.
Updated 30/12/2014. Example of blog cookie added. Clarification of site URLs
Updated 23/08/2016. Advertising cookie information clarified
Updated 17/01/2018. Updated to reflect changes to the domain names (URLs) of our application services
Updated 11/04/2018. Minor layout changes.
Updated 16/5/2018. Updated for GDPR, and we combined individual policies from our various sites and services
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Updated 01/02/2021. Updated, minor changes.