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Good reasons and tips for customer surveys

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Surveys are good for business, hints and tips part 1.

In this blog series,we will be discussing why Surveys are good for business, and tips for making them successful.

Three reasons to run Online Surveys

1. Customer loyalty and retention

Customer loyalty and retention strategies are valuable, because it’s easier to sell to an existing customer than to a prospect. These strategies can lower the cost of sale, underpinning more stable and secure revenue.

But why customers buy is not always obvious. Do you think they buy because you successfully pitched your Unique Sales Proposition? Or was it for entirely different reasons? Surveys can identify why customers actually buy, and you might be surprised by the reasons.

Knowing the reasons will help you focus your messages when negotiating contract renewals and selling to new prospects. You don’t have to ask directly, but you might ask:

  • About key buying criteria in your sector
  • Why they bought from you in the past
  • How can you improve service satisfaction
  • What they find attractive about competitive suppliers
  • What other product or services they might like from you

Such a Survey needs some thought and planning, but is actually very easy to implement.

2. Simple and effective lead generation

Yes, a Survey can generate sales leads! Here are some example questions that might generate sales opportunities:

  • How aware are you of our other products? (listing your product categories)”.
    Although a basic question, ask yourself how many times has a customer remarked “I didn’t know you sold that”?
  • Do you know of colleagues, associates or friends who would be interested in this product or service?
    This is a powerful referral tool, but it can also measures overall Customer Satisfaction (see my related article about Net Promoter Scores).

3. Research and market information

Effective marketing strategies (and their resulting plans!) are founded on good research and knowledge, so keeping an eye on your competition, being up to speed with emerging market trends and understanding future customer needs are important. Respondents often give such Surveys considered and reasoned thought to their responses, so Surveys will likely flush out things you need to plan for.

Three tips to making Online Surveys a success

1. Set out clear objectives for your Survey

Why are you doing a Survey and what do you want to get out of it? How does the Survey integrate into your overall marketing plan?

2. Keep the Survey short and concise

50 questions on a web page will earn a high drop-out rate. It’s better to present 5 questions, one at a time, with a clear progress indicator.

3. Thoroughly test your Survey

Test and test again before inviting participation. Use colleagues and friends to independently assess how your Survey works and flows.