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Hosting and Domains

Hosting and Domains

Hosting your site demands more than just “hosting”

There is more to running your site than simply having your site hosted. Your site needs to be maintained, updated, backed-up, monitored, protected and cared-for. You may have the spare time and expertise to do this, but if not – we can help.

 Managed service

 Choice of daily, weekly, monthly backups

 Offsite backups

 UK hosting with free SSL/https

 Uptime monitoring and problem resolution

 Security monitoring, responses and actions

 Domain Names and domain email services

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For more than just hosting, contact us to discuss your specific website hosting needs.

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Flexible hosting services

We not only provide the basic hosting, we take care of your site by:

  • Keeping your site backed-up with offsite backups where required
  • Monitoring your site with external monitoring tools and take action when there is downtime
  • Keeping your site updated with security patches and theme updates, and fixing any snags that arise from updates
  • Individually and carefully managing major CMS updates
  • Locking the admin area to allow only authorised users to access the CMS, and applying a specific security configuration
  • Regularly reviewing traffic and blocking suspicious activity
  • Taking care of our GDPR responsibilities and making sure we have the necessary arrangements in place

Note that some of these services are optional. You can choose what you need, to keep your costs under control.
If you want us to take on the hosting of your existing site, we will be pleased to quote you subject to our security and functional review of your site.

Our standard web hosting is deployed using cloud-servers which are perfect for most small and medium businesses. For sites with high volumes of traffic or specialist needs, we also offer dedicated and business hosting, PCI-DSS compliant and full self-managed cPanel hosting. Contact us if you think you need those.

Managed and unmanaged options

All of our standard hosting services are managed, but if you need unmanaged hosting, we also offer PCI-DSS compliant and self-managed cPanel hosting.

Domains and Domain Names

Many customer choose to buy and look after their own domains and DNS settings. To host your site, you will need to update your DNS settings (yes, we can help).

Or, we can supply new domain names for you and look after them, and take care of the DNS complexities too!.

  • Supplying Domain Names
  • Managing and maintaining Domain Names
  • Looking after the complexities of DNS

Domain Email

For every domain we host, we supply one domain email. This is to support things like Web Forms and notifications.

If you require a fully managed domain email service for all of your users we can help with that too – and we often work with specialist 3rd party email suppliers where you need a full email service for your business.