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Are logistics companies delivering the goods?

“Full service” logistics and carrier companies invest in technology, secure warehouses, staff, training, certification and their fleet in order to deliver great customer service.

Yet, one of the sector’s core services – the delivery of packages – can be easily undermined by companies who haven’t invested in the same way. The “Man and a Van” type business has a place in the market, but their significantly lower cost base allows them to undercut “full service” logistics and carrier companies.

When speaking face-to-face with potential customers, it’s easy to present the benefits of your services and their added value. If only you could deliver that message to every potential customer.

But your interaction with most potential customers is not face-to-face. It’s via your website, and potential customers will assess your services by quickly scanning your site. If the messages don’t quickly engage the visitor, you have lost a sales opportunity – and you don’t even know who is visiting your site, then going elsewhere.

You need to “convert” more website visits into enquiries. But relying on a website to convey your comprehensive “value proposition” presents problems, especially as you have no control over how a visitor consumes the information about your service and value.

A method to focus the visitors’ attention is required; a method that comes closer to delivering your value proposition as if face-to-face.

Video can do this. Visitors like (and often prefer) video. It can engage visitor attention, delivering your message in a clear, comprehensive and structured way.

A short, concise and low-cost video can help to convert more visits into enquiries, and to start the prospect conversation on the basis of service and value – not just delivery price.