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Struggling with getting your story over?

Your business has a story to tell. Perhaps your key proposition, your “why buy from us” message, information about your customer care, or news of your latest product release.

Just like a good book or movie, your story takes the participant through a structured journey. And in reading a book or watching a move, the participant gives over their time to absorb the story.

When visitors land on your website, you want them to read your story. And you want to present that story in your way, just like a book or business presentations – with structure, pace and timing. There is a beginning, middle, and end to your story and if you don’t present that story in the way you want, something gets lost; usually a key selling message.

But the problem is that web visitors usually don’t read your web content like a book, nor do they read it from the top left to the bottom right. To make matters worse, you probably thought about, and wrote, your message in prose form. That’s fine for the reading room of a library, but not good for websites.

Actually, visitors “scan” your web content picking out key bullets, heading, images and links. They also do this quickly, because their business is hectic, they are busy, their lives are busy, and their time is limited. They might spend less than 30 seconds on a page and less than 2 minutes for their entire visit.

There is plenty of research to explain website engagement; like the excellent articles from Nielsen Norman Group*.

So what happens to your story? Well, your well-planned structure is gone, and your story is glossed over.

What you really need is a method to tell your story with structure, pace and time.

Video is a potential solution, delivering two significant story-telling benefits:

  • Visitors slow down their browsing to dedicate time to watch your video.
  • Visitors absorb your message in the structure that you control.

In short, video grabs attention and conveys your message in a way that text just doesn’t. How popular is YouTube?

An interesting video technique called “Whiteboard Video” is a great format to tell your story on your website, because the focus is entirely on the message (not a headshot). A 30 – 90 second Whiteboard Video can be informative, captivating and engaging. See some samples.

So, if you want to tell your business story in an informative, captivating, engaging and structured way, maybe Whiteboard Video is the story-telling medium for your site.