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To avoid horrid surprises, we are transparent with our prices. Every website and requirement is different and so it’s impossible to give a fixed and final price here. Hence, the prices below are guide prices, and we will give a final fixed quote based on our discussion. However, our offer is “best value for money”, and we never add those “unexpected surprises”!

The prices below are ex-VAT, so you need to account for VAT at the prevailing rate.

Registered charities sometimes cannot reclaim VAT. We like working with charities so we may offer a discretionary discount to smaller registered charities (see discount levels below).

Website services – guide prices

Website Design

Guide price
For a small and simple site
(standard design only, with a home page)
For small sites (up to 4 pages) £100+
£50 per page
Up to 5 pages £330
Up to 10 pages £475
Up to 20 pages £700
Over 20 pages Please ask
eCommerce, shops From £100 per site
 10% of the above cost is payable in advance on contract placement.
 The prices for the pages counts shown are for the pages that we create for your site. You can, of course, add as many pages and posts as you want to any site.
 Where we need to write code (for special functions or different templates), we will provide a quote. Typically a template variant will cost around £80.
 Special offer: Shopmobility shop sites can have the 10 page site for the standard 5 page cost.
 All sites, except for small sites come with free custom-coded Home Page Notification box that allow you to display important information).
 All sites come with free custom-coded Twitter Card and Facebook OG Tags (if you want them) for Pages and Posts, to make Social Media sharing easier.
 Discretionary Charity discount: 10%.


Per Month Annual payment discount
SSL Certificate
FREE with any hosting package
Domain email account
One free FREE domain email account to handle your website’s forms
Available where we host the domain email service
Hosting only
Basic hosting only
(paid annually)
Hosting Service 1, includes:
Monthly backup,
WordPress and plugin minor release updates,
Minor fixes resulting from updates
(paid quarterly)
Hosting Service 2, includes Service 1 and:
Weekly backup
Monthly offsite backup,
Free restore (1 per month),
Fixes resulting from updates (up to 1 hour)
(paid quarterly)
Hosting Service 3, includes Service 2 and:
Daily backup,
Free restore (2 per month),
Wordpress and plugin major releases,
Fixes resulting from major updates (up to 2 hours)
(paid quarterly)
Self Hosting
You may wish to host and maintain your own website.
We can transfer the complete website to you for uploading to your chosen host, or we can help you with this porting. A small fee applies.
 Hosting is payable in advance. You may cancel with 30 days notice and we will pro-rata refund outstanding monies less any annual discount given.
 Service features expire each month and cannot be carried over or accumulated.
 These are shared hosting costs suitable for most small and medium websites. For sites with high volumes of traffic or specialist needs, we also offer dedicated and business hosting, PCI-DSS compliant and other hosting options (such as full self-managed cPanel hosting). These are more specialist and cost more; we can quote if needed.
 Monthly onsite backups are usually retained for 1 month, weekly onsite backups for 4 weeks, daily onsite backups for 30 days. Monthly offsite backs are usually retained for 3 months, although we are able to retain these for longer if required.
We are able to accommodate other backup schedules if you have specific requirement.

 Discretionary Charity discount: 10%.

Website services

Guide price
Per hour
For helping to load new content or migrate content from your old site
(special low cost hourly rate)
For all other web service including technical, programming, integrations, support, etc
Per hour up to 16 hours in a month
For all other web service
Per hour over 16 hours in a month
Urgent call-out, per hour
Where you need someone on your site immediately or within 48 hours
or where you need your site (not hosted or managed by us) urgently fixed
Travel time also billed
 As part of a hosting package we provide some free support, if you need help with some content, layout, styling, fixing menus etc, or if there is a bug or something is broken. We have to limit the free work we do, but we’ll always tell you in advance of any potential charges so you can agree the work or otherwise.

 We will provide a costed proposal for our services based on your requirements.
 Discretionary Charity discount: 10%.

Domains and domain management

Guide price
Domain management (buy, renew, transfer) The domain cost + £25 transaction fee
 The cost of domain names can vary widely, starting from about £4.50 per domain per year. We will provide a quote for the required domain name (if it’s available).
 Typically, domain are purchased for 1, 2 or 5 years.
 It’s your responsibility to research and check that your chosen domain name is appropriate.
 We can provide and manage the domain for you, or you may wish to do this yourself.
 We provide one domain email for Form fulfilment and notification. Domain email accounts for employees and users are not included in our domain or hosting pricing. These are quoted separately if you need them.

Digital and Marketing services – guide prices

All services

Guide price
Service including digital marketing, social media, online advertising, content marketing, email marketing, campaigns, landing pages, SEO/SEM, etc.
Per hour
Associated services including writing, photography, imagery, video etc.
Per hour
 We will provide a costed proposal for our services based on your requirements.
 Discretionary Charity discount: 10%.

Application development – guide prices

Application development

Guide price
Initial consultation, in local geography FREE
System Functional Specification Starts from £500
Development cost Starts from £250 per day
 Application hosting is available from £15 per month.
 This service is quoted per project.
 Discretionary Charity discount: Quoted per project.