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Privacy Policy for participants of Simmarcom’s publicly available surveys

Note – this Policy applies ONLY to survey participants.

This is the Privacy Policy for users of


We take your privacy seriously. This document sets out how we manage data that we collect. At all times, we strive to be fair, open and honest.

This Privacy Policy covers only your interaction with publicly available surveys, presented by Simmarcom Limited’s online survey-management application.
There is a different Privacy Policy for those people who have an account to build and manage Surveys using Simmarcom Limited’s online survey-management application.

Important Information about Surveys

Simmarcom Limited provides a ‘self-service’ survey service to its customers, and these customers use the survey service to create surveys. These customers therefore manage all survey questions, answers and all other survey content, and they are responsible for managing and processing the data collected by their survey. Simmarcom Limited is not responsible for the survey questions, answers or any other parts of the survey content, nor is it responsible for managing or processing the data collected by the survey.

If you have any questions about the survey to which you have been invited to participate, or the data collected, please contact the “survey owner”, who would normally be the company or person who sent you an invitation or link to participate in the survey. Their details are usually presented on the footer of our survey pages.

The primary Privacy Policy is that of the “survey owner”. The “survey owner” usually provides a link to that policy in the footer of the survey.

This Policy explains only how Simmarcom Limited collects and stores the data on behalf of the “survey owner”, who is, at all times, the manager and processor of the data.

Your participation with Simmarcom’s surveys is at your discretion and free choice, and is without obligation.

You must be either 18 years of age, or a legal adult in your country, to submit survey responses.

Information we collect

We will collect and store information from the questions and answers that you provide when engaging with the survey web pages. Depending on the questions asked in the survey, this data might also include your contact details such as name, email address, company name and telephone numbers.

The survey also endeavours to determine the type of client device (e.g. PC, Tablet) you are using to access the survey, so that we can present suitably formatted web pages. We also use client device statistics to understand the usage of the survey service which will help us to make improvements and enhancements.

We do not collect information about your location. Companies asking you to complete a survey may ask you for location information as a survey question.

Storage of data

All data collected is stored within the EU (usually in the UK). The Simmarcom Limited web sites and services (including those that store the collected survey information) are hosted externally by a hosting company who provides Simmarcom Limited with a suitable hosting service.

Some information, such as archived and historical survey information, may be stored off-line in securely encrypted storage. Simmarcom Limited is happy to permanently delete any data that you provide and if you would like us to do that please contact the respective survey owner who owns the information.

Simmarcom Limited reserves the absolute right to remove or permanently delete survey information at its discretion. This is usually done to maintain service performance, for data housekeeping or for database administration.

Internet communications or data storage can never be totally secure. Although we take steps to protect your data and information, we are unable to guarantee its secure communication or storage.


Although we take reasonable steps to secure information that is transmitted over the Internet to and from our survey service (using industry standard “SSL” security where appropriate), the Internet is a public network and the security or confidentiality of such data cannot be guaranteed. Sending data over the Internet is at your risk.

Cookies used on the Service

The Simmarcom Limited survey service uses ‘session cookies’ only. The ‘session cookies’ used by the service are essential and mandatory for the operation of the survey, and the survey cannot function without them. These cookies contain system-generated codes that do not contain personal information or information that can be used externally to the survey to identify you. After you close the browser or navigate away from our site, the ‘session cookies’ used by the survey are removed. Please refer to our cookie policy for more information.

You can configure your browser settings to reject cookies or to warn you of cookies. However, if you reject the session cookies used by the survey, then the survey will not operate.

We do not use third party cookies (as sometimes used by web advertising companies) on the survey service.

Other websites and services

If you click or follow any link presented on the survey web pages that takes you to an external website, this Privacy Policy ceases to be effective immediately and no other links or websites are governed by this policy. We do not accept any responsibility or liability for your use of other websites. Be aware that other websites may have their own privacy policies, conditions of use and cookie methods, and you should check and confirm these before you interact with those sites.

What we do with the stored data and how we use it

The information you provide in the surveys is available to the survey owners who can view or download that information (i.e. the survey results and submissions). The survey owner is the person or company who runs the survey using Simmarcom Limited’s survey service, and is the owner and processor of the collected survey information. This Privacy Policy covers only your interaction with Simmarcom Limited’s survey website.

We will not disclose the information or data to any 3rd party (other than the “survey owner”), unless you ask us to, or such a disclosure is mandated by law, law enforcement, or ordered in judicial proceedings or to comply with a legal obligation. This may be necessary to avoid fraud or crime, to protect customers, or for criminal investigation.

We may use an aggregation of survey information for analysis purposes, to understand the use of the survey service, and therefore to improve the effectiveness and delivery of the survey service, or to correct errors.

In the event of the transfer or sale of the ownership of our company, asset or part of its business , your stored survey information will become available to the new owner of the company, business or asset, in order to provide continued service. However, Simmarcom Limited will take reasonable steps to make the information is anonymous (by removing any contact details that you have provided) before any such transfer to a new owner.

Information that you provide in the course of a survey is stored in Europe (usually in the UK). This information is usually held for as long as necessary to provide service to our customers, and may then be removed or archived.

Marketing preferences

We will not use your data for marketing purposes. Simmarcom has no control over marketing messages from other companies, including those from Simmarcom’s customers.

Changes to this Policy

We retain the right to update this Privacy Policy at any time, and latest version of this Policy will be posted online.

Your Acceptance of this Policy

By using this site and services, you are accepting this Privacy Policy and our Terms and Conditions. If you do not agree, please do not use this site.

Contact us

If you wish to contact us about this Privacy Policy, the Terms and Conditions, or for any other matter, please contact

The most recent update to this document was on 28th March 2014