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Technical and support services

For when you need a little bit of help

Running a website can be straightforward. But from time-to-time you come across something where you need some help. You may need a new landing page, a new template, some custom coding, or your website has horribly crashed! Contact us – we are here to help.

 New or amended templates

 Custom functions and coding

 Emergency “call-out” and repairs

 Help with uploading and updating content

 Adding forms, payment systems or mailing lists

 Twitter Cards and Facebook Open Graph tags

 Google Analytics

 Only billed per use

Contact us today

When you need help with your website,
or if your the site is in trouble.

Contact us now

In emergencies

If we host you site, our monitoring will automatically detect a “down” site and we’ll be on the case!
If you’re not our client and need immediate help, call our office number: 01844 867067

Our expertise

Our coding skills include HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, WordPress and PHP, Python, SQL, and more. We can also write (and host in the cloud for you) completely bespoke web applications if your business needs a way to differentiate itself or to gain new business.

Emergency call outs

Websites can be complex things. Sometimes they don’t work in the way you wish. Sometimes they crash and go offline.

If you need scheduled or emergency support, please contact us to see if we can provide the support you need.

Social media integration

It is relatively straightforward to add social media “share” and “like” tags to a page.

But you site could do so much better! For example, the addition of Twitter Cards and Facebook Open Graph tags increase the social value of your pages, and importantly gives you more control over how your site content is shared.


You can use your website to increase business value by building mailing lists, collect sales and customer enquiries, or to sell products where you need to integrate a payment provider.

But for the not-too-technical, such additions can be complex and difficult to accomplish. Our experience with the integration of various payment systems, Direct Debit providers, forms and mailing lists, can add value to your website.