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As an independent digital company, we are here to help your business when your operations are affected by Coronavirus/COVID-19. This pandemic virus can reduce critical business resources just when you need them.

How can we help?

We can provide temporary digital support for your business, for example:

  • Managing your WordPress website or writing and updating content, images, blogs, etc
  • Managing your Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, or Twitter Ads
  • Providing custom coding services
  • As technical whizzes, we can also fix computers, networks, etc

The cost?

For helping out during this difficult time, we offer our expertise and “hands on” for just £20 per hour, which is a big discount on our normal charge. For non-local business where we have to travel, we will also charge nominal mileage.

How do you get in touch

To talk to us about help, get in touch here or call 01844 867067.