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The Mysterious Case of the Missing USP

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How not to conceal your selling messages

Website visitors are busy and want to get to the point quickly. And although many sites offer comprehensive reading, some inadvertently conceal key information like it’s a game of “find Wally”.

This is especially challenging for companies who offer a complex range of products and services.

So here is a quick test for your site.

  1. Without looking at your site, summarise in bullet form (on paper) the essential points that an anonymous buyer must read. This is the “What”.
  2. Then summarise the essential reasons why the visitor should buy from you, rather than from your competitor. This is the “Why”.
  3. The “What” and “Why” makes a simple “USP” (Unique Selling proposition”).
    Visit your site and time how long it takes to get to the “What and Why”.

In reality, it probably took too long just to understand what you sell, never mind why a buyer should select you from the crowd.

In reality, buyers don’t read websites like books and they won’t invest the time to play “find the USP”. And although the Internet has empowered your business, buyers are also empowered to make buying decisions without any formal engagement with your business.

When you and your competitors are trying to appeal to the same buyer needs, it’s easy to end up with ‘me too’ web content that hides your special uniqueness.

Yet, your company really does have something special and unique to say to buyers, so a key question to ask is “how do I present my USP to every buyer as if I were able to present in person?”

One answer is to add a short, engaging and informative video to your home page, presenting your USP to anonymous potential buyers. Our experience indicates that visitors really do prefer watching video over reading text.

See some video samples, and contact Simmarcom if you want help to define and present your USP. Also make comment below on where website video has effectively engaged you as a buyer.