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Video really IS accessible to SMB

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Video really IS accessible to small and medium business

A quick and easy website enhancement that can attract more online enquiries is to deploy video. Visitors like video, and are more likely to watch your video than read your text.

Simply put, video can pitch your message to more visitors, more effectively. And if anonymous visitors can quickly absorb your message, they are more likely to become customers.

So why aren’t more small and medium businesses using video on their website?

A perception of high cost is a big factor deterring business, especially in the current economic environment. And it’s a reasonable perception given that traditional video can be very expensive, and the preserve of corporate companies.

But, if you remove the expensive elements, like cameras, lighting and live footage, the cost can reduce significantly.

“Animated” video, such as presentation or whiteboard style video, can be very effective and, in fact, animated video is shorter and snappier – factors leading to better message communication and engagement.