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Website for Not For Profit and Charities

Modern, stylish, responsive websites for Not-For-Profit organisations and Charities

We know that everything is online and your community expects to see modern and mobile-responsive web sites. We also know that not-for-profit organisations have to complete with bigger organisation with bigger budgets.

We also understand that telling your story, engaging supporters and fundraising needs a great online experience which can be expensive.

And with more that 50% of traffic coming from mobile, it’s essential that sites are mobile-friendly. Adding to the cost of running a site.

We think we’re different

Having both worked and volunteered for charities, we understand their value to the community. We are not a “Big Agency”; we are a small business and we don’t need to over-egg our charges.

A fair deal for a great experience

We are open about making a profit from our work. But we don’t have a mega-organisation to pay for, so our costs are very, very competitive. And we work on a fixed-cost basis. A typical site could look something like our Shopmobility High Wycombe site. It doesn’t need to have all of the pages, and it can have more. And it would be distinct for you with your colours, graphics, messages etc.

How much?

For small charities who need a simple but effective site, it will cost from around £150.

Using out standard themes and presentation frameworks, a more complex 10-page site (e.g. including: Home, About, Donate, Contact, Services, Equipment, Support, News, Terms and Privacy) will cost from around £475 (only £330 for Shopmobility shops, as a special offer) to build, with an annual running cost from £60. You get SSL for free when you host with us plus an overall terrific service. And, of course, you can as many pages and posts as you want once the site is online.

We will, of course, discuss your precise needs and provide a competitive written proposal.

We can discuss the content you need to present, and design, colours and layout, and then give you a fixed-cost proposal. We hope to delight you with the cost and the resulting site.

Contact us for a chat

An example of our work

Shopmobility High Wycombe

Helping those with mobility challenges in and around High Wycombe.

Read our customer’s comment

Shopmobility High Wycombe: “We are really pleased with our new website. Simmarcom was incredibly helpful at mapping out the website build process, helping us get the right layouts, look and functionality, helping us understand what was possible and going out of the way to try and meet or tailor our requests. The help and support during the handover process was outstanding and meant that we were up and using the site for everything that we’d intended it to do in a much shorter time than we’d thought possible”

A safe route

We only use leading web software and “frameworks” that are used by lots (often millions) of sites. We only provide custom-coding (using widely-used coding languages) when essential. This means that:

  • The site is modern, mobile-responsive and user friendly. It “feels familiar”
  • You can move your site to another provider whenever you want
  • Your site can be supported and developed by any competent designer or manager
  • The costs of implementing and running the site are kept low
  • You will find it easy to manage and maintain the content, if you want to do that
  • We will provide training

Batteries included

You probably don’t want to worry (or know) about hosting, domains, backups, and all those other issues that distract you from your core purpose. That’s why our service includes the design, build, running and management of your site. You will probably want to manage the site’s content (text and pictures) yourself (although we can help you with that if you need). And if you prefer to manage some of the technical elements yourself, that’s fine too.

What is your next step

If you’re looking for a similar site to High Wycombe or you just need a few pages to help your supporters contact you, we’re here to help. Contact us today to start your journey. Contact us here

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