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When NOT to share on Social Media

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Should you present share buttons on every page of your website?
Social Media platforms are powerful platforms for most businesses to promote, share and socialise content.
Does that mean you should present share buttons on every page of your website?
Well – ‘no’ is the answer.

An integrated plan

For your business, Social Media should be an integrated element in your overall Marketing and Communications Plan. It should have clear and agreed goals, purposes, metrics, measurement, and review methods. That sounds like an awful lot to do, but it isn’t really. And if you don’t have an integrated Plan, then you are likely to waste time, energy, resource and money for disappointing outcomes.

Delivering the plan

As part of the delivery tactics for the Plan, you ought to decide where Social Media sharing is NOT helpful.

When Social Media sharing is not helpful

Think about what Social Media share buttons do for you? They provide an easy way, and actually encourages the visitors, to share your content. But in doing so, they distract, and even redirect, the visitor away from what you want the visitor to do on that page.

This is important, as an example, for e-commerce sites. When you manage to get a visitor to a page that presents them with a “Buy Now” button – the last thing you want is to distract the visitor from the most critical action of clicking “Buy Now”. That page has a single purpose – to make the sale.

You already know that a “sale” is worth more to your business than a “share”, so don’t distract the potential customer when they’re about to buy.